Terms of service


    The partner program of Adverten provides access to webmasters to work with offers of dating subject through own smart-link with payment for various models (CPL, CPS, PPT).
    Adverten operates on the basis of its own software, placed only on adverten.com domain and its sub-domains.
    To participate in the affiliate program, webmaster must register and pass through the activation process.
    Adverten’s Administration reserves the right to refuse to activate an account without any explanations.


    Sources may include:

    • 2.1 Arbitration systems (purchase and sale) of traffic.
    • 2.2 Context, banner and other advertising networks where you can buy traffic.
    • 2.3 Doorways.
    • 2.4 Social networks.
    • 2.5 Sites belonging to the webmasters.
    • 2.6 Mail traffic in the case of conformity with the CAN-SPAM ACT.
    • 2.7 Other sources should be verified; to do so, it is necessary to contact your affiliate manager.

    Adverten’s Administration reserves the right to reject any source of traffic of a particular webmaster based on own internal conclusions without explaining the reasons for such rejection.


    Webmasters are prohibited to:

    • 3.1 Use sources that violate the US and the EU laws.
    • 3.2 To pump up the system in any way, including:

      • 3.2.1 Make leads on yourself and also to generate motivated leads (to ask friends or community to register).
      • 3.2.2 Initiate automatic actions of visitors using scripts, bots or any other means.
      • 3.2.3 Hide or change the referrer-links.
    • 3.3 Use SPAM techniques in any ways of lead generation. Any affiliate found to send SPAM including Adverten links will have their account subject to immediate termination.
    • 3.4 Ignore requests for disclosure of sources of traffic or any other information related to the activities of a Webmaster in the affiliate program of Adverten.
    • 3.5 Use someone’s other requisites to receive payments.

    Webmaster must to:

    • 4.1 Strictly comply with these rules.
    • 4.2 Promptly respond to requests and appeals of the Administration, including appeals of advertisers to eliminate the causes of complaints regarding the content and quality of advertising materials, as well as sources and methods for placement of such advertising materials. If within 12 hours from the reception of the request or appeal from the Administration, there is no answer, the Administration has the right to temporarily block your smart-link.
    • 4.4 Provide necessary data to verify the quality of traffic, including:

      • 4.4.1 links;
      • 4.4.2 screenshots;
      • 4.4.3 promotional materials;
      • 4.4.4 schemes of work (the general plan, with no details);
    • 4.5 Adverten’s Administration has the right to:

      • 4.5.1 Temporarily block your account to find out the reasons in relation to the advertiser's complaints against the traffic from this particular partner.
      • 4.5.1 Temporarily block the account of webmaster, if webmaster does not respond to the Administration’s requests or does not work with the system within 30 days.

    In case of violation by webmaster of this Regulation, Adverten shall be entitled to:

    • 5.1 Suspend payments on account to determine the causes.
    • 5.2 Block account without the possibility of access to the system, withdrawal of funds and the subsequent unblock.

    Payments to the webmasters are made on Paxum accounts, Payoneer, WM-purses; also you may receive money to your PayPal account. With these, the commission will be 3% of the amount you earned. The requisites for the receipt of funds are specified in private cabinet. Payments are made once a week on Tuesdays for the previous working week from Monday through Sunday inclusive.

    The minimum amount to be paid out is USD 100.

    Webmasters may involve other webmasters to registration in Adverten (they’ll be named referrals), using the referral link from the LINKS section. Referrer shall receive 3-7% of revenue of a guest referral, depending on his volumes. Expenditures for referral bonus payments are carried out by Adverten.


    Administration reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to change these rules.